Metering and Gaging Gap Analysis

September 20, 2023

Consistent with the five-year Management Plan, the Authority completes a Metering and Gaging Gap Analysis with support from Bowen Collins & Associates and Jones & Demille Engineering

Investigation and analysis of water supply and use measurement gaps in the Colorado River Basin in
Utah is the first step to supporting accurate measurement and distribution of Colorado River water. The
Metering and Gaging Gap Analysis (Gap Analysis) assesses stream gaging and measurement gaps on the
Colorado River mainstem and its tributaries in Utah, including an estimation of the cost of installation or
reinstallation of stream gages and installation of new or upgrades to existing measurement methods.
This work will inform the next steps in improving and expanding the metering and gaging system within the
Colorado River Basin of Utah, and is an important element of the Authority’s five-year Management
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