System Conservation Pilot Program (SCPP)

NEW: The UCRC and Upper Division States extend the System Conservation Pilot Program proposal deadline to March 1st, 2023

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Region-Specific Information Sessions

  • Virtual: Friday, January 6th, 1-2 PM; register in advance here
  • Price In-Person: Tuesday, January 10th, 4-6 pm, Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, Southeastern Region Office - Conference Room, 319 N Carbonville Rd, Price, UT 8450
  • Roosevelt In-Person: Thursday, January 12th, 4-6 pm, Utah State University Roosevelt Campus - Multipurpose Room, 987 E. Lagoon Street, Roosevelt, UT

A video of the presentation can be found here:

Contact Lily Bosworth with questions.

What is the System Conservation Pilot Program?

The System Conservation Pilot Program (SCPP) supports projects that reduce water consumption in the Colorado River System through temporary, voluntary, and compensated water conservation actions in 2023. Projects are based on the individual needs of water users and typically involve full or partial season fallowing or implementation of operational changes that result in a quantifiable consumptive use. Compensation for participating is calculated from the amount of consumptive water use savings compared to previous years. SCPP is funded through a portion of the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 allotted to the Bureau of Reclamation and is administered by the Upper Colorado River Commission and the Colorado River Authority of Utah.

Why participate?

SCPP is a voluntary program that compensates water users to reduce water use temporarily. It allows farmers and other water users to be part of the solution for sustainable water use in the Colorado River system without losing their water rights or livelihoods. This is not a “buy and dry” program intended to push people out of agriculture. Instead, the program provides water users with another tool to add additional value and stability to their operations.

Will my water be subject to abandonment?

Utah Code (73-1-4(2)(e)(ii)) provides that forfeiture and abandonment do not apply to a water right if its place of use is contracted under an approved state agreement or federal conservation fallowing program, like SCPP.

How will SCPP function for water users?

Water users who are interested in participating would temporarily reduce consumption of historically beneficially used water and lease conserved water to the SCPP program through a contract with the Upper Colorado River Commission.  The Colorado River Authority of Utah will work with the Upper Colorado River Commission and applicants throughout the submittal, review, and approval process. Applicants are allowed to work with agents for additional support in the project design and application process if they desire.

“Utah is building on something we can rely on for 100+ years with the Colorado River Authority.”
President of the Utah Senate, J. Stuart Adams