Utah Moves to Protect Flaming Gorge, Lake Powell 

October 5, 2023

Utah weighs in on future Colorado River operations

Through the Upper Colorado River Commission, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Wyoming adopted a resolution on September 21st conditioning their support for future releases from Flaming Gorge and other upstream reservoirs under the Drought Response Operations Agreement (DROA) on the following three principles:
  • Water released to Lake Powell must be retained at Powell until full recovery is achieved at the upstream Initial Unit (e.g. Flaming Gorge);
  • DROA water at Lake Powell cannot result in greater releases from the reservoir to the Lower Basin than would have occurred without DROA; and
  • DROA operations cannot make Lake Powell worse off than it would have been without DROA (which in fact occurred this year).
The resolution document can be found here:

Resolution of the Upper Colorado River Commission