SCPP Reauthorized for 2024 by UCRC

October 12, 2023

The Upper Colorado Commission has voted to reauthorize the System Conservation Pilot Program for 2024

SCPP 2024 will narrow and focus the scope of eligible projects to those that enable exploration of Demand Management feasibility and/or projects that support innovation and local resiliency in water conservation. Lessons learned from SCPP 2023 will also be applied to the 2024 program, including an earlier timeline, fixed, firm pricing provided at the outset of the program, clarity on the calculation of conserved consumptive use as the basis of compensation, consistent and clear messaging across the four Upper Division States, and greater transparency on the approach, purpose, and review process for the program.

The Request for Proposals (RFP) for SCPP projects will be released on October 27th with a kick-off webinar (time tbd, watch the SCPP homepage:

The Colorado River Authority of Utah will facilitate SCPP 2024 in Utah under the Drought Mitigation priority area in the Authority’s Five-Year Management Plan. Authority Staff Engineer Lily Bosworth ([email protected], work cell 801-824-9037) is the point of contact for SCPP in Utah. 

Read the UCRC press release and learn more here: