System Conservation Pilot Program Featured by Great Salt Lake Collaborative

Great Salt Lake Collaborative reporters Sheri Quinn (Utah Public Radio) and Max Roth (FOX13) interviewed SCPP participants and administrators to see how practices and lessons from the program might transfer to the Great Salt Lake basin. Watch: Read:

Colorado River Authority of Utah’s 2023 Annual Report

The 2023 Annual Report includes major intrastate and interstate accomplishments of the Authority during its second year of operation. Activities undertaken by the Authority support our mission to “protect, conserve, use, and develop Utah’s waters of the Colorado River system.” Find a copy of the 2023 Annual Report here:  2023 CRAU Annual Report

Voluntary program to save water for Colorado River reauthorized for 2024

SALT LAKE CITY (November 7, 2023)  — Utah, Wyoming, Colorado and New Mexico, through the Upper Colorado River Commission, have extended a program to pay farmers and other water users in the four states to conserve water without losing their water rights or livelihoods.  Why it matters The System Conservation Pilot Program (SCPP) conserves water in the Colorado River System …